NEAT Way to Burn More Calories


I am currently reading a book called The Genius Life by Max Lugavere. In chapter four he discusses the benefits of movement. NEAT, which stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, helps our body to burn calories. These activities can burn anywhere from 300-1000 calories a day. These are small things that we do throughout the day that [...]

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Burn More Calories While Working Out


Burn more calories while working out sounds like a great idea, but how is this possible? Researchers have discovered that trying these tips while working out will help you burn more calories. Exercise is essential for the health and well being all all humans. Lack of time and interest pose possible threats to deter us [...]

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CoronaVirus Update and Immune Support Info


We want to let all of our patients know that we are monitoring the current coronavirus outbreak news and have been discussing our plans as new information about this coronavirus surfaces.  Currently, we are planning on continuing caring for patients, but our office hours and days of operation may change.  During this time of increased [...]

CoronaVirus Update and Immune Support Info2022-10-16T17:12:40-04:00

Youth Athletics – How Much Is Too Much?


Youth athletics is growing at a rapid pace. More and more travel leagues and advanced teams give skilled players the opportunity to improve their skills. But at what cost? A review by Brown University recently studied over 10,000 children and teens. Their conclusion - kids who specialize in a sport are more likely to get injured. [...]

Youth Athletics – How Much Is Too Much?2022-10-16T17:26:06-04:00

Movement and Physical Activity Can Lead To Happiness


Movement and physical activity can lead to happiness. Researchers have examined numerous studies and have determined a positive relationship between activity level and happiness. One of the studies showed a 1.4 and 1.5 increase in happiness among youth. The former increase coming from normal weight individuals and the latter from overweight individuals. College students who participated [...]

Movement and Physical Activity Can Lead To Happiness2018-04-22T17:52:54-04:00
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