Crossfit versus HIIT


Ok, so there is a big craze going right now and it is called Crossfit.  But is this type of training new, or has it been around for centuries? The Crossfit Games claim to be looking for the fittest on earth, and if you have watched this on ESPN you would see why.  [...]

Crossfit versus HIIT2012-06-13T13:23:34-04:00

Tips for the Warrior Dash


If you plan on running this weekend in Huntersville at the Warrior Dash, then here are a few tips that you might want to follow: Don't Wear Your Best Clothes - chances are they will be ripped, torn, stretched, and of course - extremely muddy Forget about the shoes - you have two [...]

Tips for the Warrior Dash2012-05-16T09:14:04-04:00

When is the best time to stretch?


When is the best time to stretch?  I get asked this question a lot from my patients.  Although the answer may vary slightly from patient to patient, the best answer is: Stretch whenever you can. In reality our nation does not stretch nearly enough.  A lot of chronic back issues can be greatly improved [...]

When is the best time to stretch?2012-05-07T16:16:43-04:00
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