McDonald’s Gets A Makeover

  McDonald’s decided to give its look a makeover.  They ditched the old uniforms for new ones.  These new ones are supposed to take the “American” look out of them.  Here are my thoughts:  does it really matter what the employees are wearing, it is still...

The Spinach Challenge Recipes

How are you doing?  Did you start The Spinach Challenge yet?  Hopefully it is going well for you.  I thought I would post a few of my favorite recipes to get more spinach in your diet. Breakfast – I eat this almost every morning, and it is my absolute favorite.  Take an all...

Mexican Cuisine Combo

I enjoy a good Mexican cuisine every now and again.  I especially like to eat the fresh salsa and pico de gallo.  You can just taste the freshness in every bite. Anyway, I was watching a segment online the other day by Dr Oz and it was all about antioxidants.  We all know that we...

The Spinach Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about how spinach is extremely healthy for you.  With that being said, I came up with a challenge for you.  It will be known as The Spinach Challenge. The challenge is very, very simple.  All you have to do is eat one bag of raw spinach a...

What is the Best Supplement

I get asked all the time, “What is the Best Supplement?”  Even with everything out there, the answer remains the same – vegetables. I know what you are thinking, vegetables are not a supplement, but I disagree.  In my opinion supplements are anything that can be...