5 Benefits of Coconut Oil

Last month I talked to you guys about tracking your calories.  I also mentioned that is was a good idea to eat more fat in your diet.  That is why I am writing a quick blog about coconut oil.  This may be the best “fat” that you could have.  I will highlight some of...

Hydration is Essential to Life. You Need Hydrate!

The Importance of Hydration Have you ever realized how important hydration is for your health and well being? You should always keep yourself hydrated as the body is comprised of 75% water. Without the proper balance of water and electrolytes, the body fails to function optimally...

Curb Your Carbs, Eat More Fat, and Lose Weight

I know you think this will probably be a post about the “paleo diet” or “gluten free” eating, but you are wrong.  We all know that excessive carbs have caused a lot of health issues over the years, but people are unwilling to part ways with these delicious...

Benefits of Whey Protein

The different Benefits of whey protein In today’s fast growing world, everyone has an eye towards keeping themselves fit, healthy and happy. Everyone loves to eat a healthy and a balanced diet and work out well so that they have a good physique and a healthy mind. Protein is the...

ID Life

Here is where I buy my vitamins: Here is why Jen Widerstrom of The Biggest Loser chose to invest in IDLife: Each of us is unique, therefore our supplements should be too.  Make sure you are getting the right supplements, otherwise you are just wasting...