Educating the Community

Have our chiropractors speak to your group!

Our chiropractors will speak and/or perform neurospinal and wellness screenings at meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops. They are currently focusing on offering interactive lectures to inspire and empower the Health and Wellness of the Mooresville community. All presentations and screenings are presented FREE in the interest of educating the community about optimal health and wellness and what it truly means to be well. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to help all of Mooresville and the Lake Norman community achieve Wellness!

Health and Wellness Assessment

Would You or Your Child Pass Our Health Test? These screenings allow you and your co-workers to learn if the body is doing what it needs to do for OPTIMAL Wellness. Reiterating the fact that we do not need to feel the symptoms to be sick. ***Our most popular***

“Lunch and Learn”

This fun 20-30 minute presentation is designed to share Chiropractic and Optimal Health and Wellness with your co-workers during lunch. This presentation can be based on an array of topics ranging from spinal care to specific lifestyle changes that could be implemented to make YOUR office to healthier.


More in depth and slightly longer than our Lunch and Learns, these presentations can cover many topics. Among our most popular presentations are Crohn’s, Colitis and IBS, The ADHD Controversy, Stressors that affect Your Health and Your Children’s, Eat Well, Move Well and Live Well, Work Place Ergonomics, Infertility, Fibromyalgia and Straighten-Up America!

Philanthropic Days

One of the best ways to serve your community is through charitable donations. Active Spine Chiropractic would like the people and projects of Mooresville and Lake Norman area to be aware that we are ready to contribute to philanthropies in the community. We will help foster a strong relationship between the patients and community, as we gear them to raise money and/or supplies for charitable organizations by donating service to our patients in return. Please contact us regarding community charity events. We are excited to get involved!

Contact us today to schedule an event for your office or organization! Phone (704) 663-7625