Shoveling Snow – How Not to Hurt Your Back


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! If you live in Mooresville, NC, then you definitely had some snow this weekend. Which means, you will definitely be shoveling snow this weekend. I moved up to Mooresville, NC, a little over 10 years ago from Florida. We were really excited for those first few [...]

Shoveling Snow – How Not to Hurt Your Back2019-01-13T13:34:24-05:00

Is Sitting Causing Your Back Pain?


My daughter had a basketball tournament this past weekend and our organization hosted the tournament.  This meant that all of the parents were to volunteer their time to help with concessions, tickets, books, and/or running the clock.  I opted to run the clock because I am familiar with it... I did for some of my daughter's [...]

Is Sitting Causing Your Back Pain?2016-04-11T13:54:56-04:00

Back pain is a cause of concern


Back pain is a cause of concern Generally speaking, people experience their first attack of back pain in their 30s. Several reasons for back pain include incorrect sitting posture, obesity, lifestyle choices, or other injuries related to accidents. This article gives you an insight about back pain, the reasons for its occurrence, and what measures [...]

Back pain is a cause of concern2016-01-19T19:53:36-05:00

Weight Loss and Knee Degeneration


I have had several patients over the years who presented to the office with a complaint of low back pain.  Through the course of treatment the patient mentions that their knee has also been bothering them.  Once the connection is made, we are able to treat the knee and help the back. Unfortunately, there are [...]

Weight Loss and Knee Degeneration2015-12-08T15:29:18-05:00

Tobacco Increases Your Pain


We all know that smoking is bad for your health, but did you know that it can also cause you to feel more pain? An article in January 2009 in the Clinical Journal of Pain set out to study the relationship between fibromyalgia symptoms and whether or not the patient used tobacco.  The results of [...]

Tobacco Increases Your Pain2013-02-01T10:40:04-05:00
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