Fish OilI will be the first to say that I am not a big fan of sunscreen.  I know that I will probably get a lot of replies to this post some in favor, others in opposition.  I don’t believe that anyone should spend excessive amounts of time in the sun, and small doses of sunlight is beneficial to our bodies.

I choose to limit my time in the sun and to eat the proper nutrients that can help with protecting our skin against cancers or other harmful effects from too much sun exposure.

A diet high in tomatoes and carrots have always helped to protect our skin, but scientists have recently added fish oil to the list.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggested that, “omega-3 is a potential nutrient to protect against skin cancer.”  The study also concluded that, “a continuous low level of chemoprevention from taking omega-3 could reduce the risk of skin cancer over an individual’s lifetime.”

If we eat unhealthy foods then our skin will be unhealthy.  If we give our bodies small doses of sunlight and eat the foods that we are supposed to eat, then our skin will remain healthy.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC

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