Chiropractic Care for ChildrenMore and more parents are seeking chiropractic care for their children. Many spinal problems seen in adults began as early as birth. Even so called ‘natural’ birthing methods can stress an infant’s spine and developing nervous system. The resulting irritation to the nervous system caused by spinal and cranial misalignment can be the cause of many newborn health complaints. Today we find more parents bringing their children to chiropractors for day-to-day health concerns we’re all familiar with: colds, sore throats, ear infections, fevers, colic, asthma, tonsillitis, allergies, bed-wetting, infections, pains, falls, stomach-aches, and all the other things children encounter as they grow up.

As the infant grows, he or she will learn to hold up their head, sit, crawl, and walk. These are times of important spinal development. This is also a time where spinal misalignment may occur.

Children are Active

As the child begins to participate in regular childhood activities, such as riding a bike, accidents may occur. Traumas associated with these accidents cause small yet significant spinal misalignments called subluxations. If neglected, the misalignments and injuries during this period of rapid growth may lead to more serious problems later in life. Subtle trauma throughout childhood will affect the future development of the spine leading to impaired nervous system function. Any interference to the vital nervous system will adversely affect the body’s ability to function at its best.

The nervous system controls and coordinates all the systems in the body: circulatory, respiratory, digestive, hormonal, eliminative, and immune system. Therefore, it is imperative to have a properly working nervous system. The chiropractic adjustment restores nervous system function to the body. Above all, this gives the body the ability to express a greater state of health and well-being.

Our doctor of chiropractic is dedicated to serving children with the utmost care to help kids function in a greater state of health.