jimmy_johnson_triathleteI subscribe to Men’s Health, and on the cover of the latest issue was one of NASCAR’s most famous drivers – Jimmy Johnson.  Upon reading the article it talked about his training and dietary habits.  Most notable was the fact that as part of his training, Jimmy Johnson trains for triathlons.

I have trained for triathlons in the past, and I know the training schedule can be very intense.  It takes a lot of time and dedication.  Over the next week I will post Jimmy’s workout for the day as noted in Men’s Health.

Maybe this will get you geared up to start a new triathlon training program, spartan race, warrior dash, or a couch to 5k.  Whatever it may be, pick an event, get it on the schedule, and start training like you never have before.  Good Luck.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC