Lift Weights and Fight DiabetesWith the rise of obesity and diabetes in our nation, exercise is becoming the best line of defense.  A study from the Harvard School of Public Health just reported that men who lift weights combined with aerobic exercise were less likely to develop diabetes.

Diet is very important in the fight against diabetes, but exercise can be just as powerful.  Type II diabetes beins in our bodies as insulin resistance.  Basically our cells turn “off” their receptors to insulin.  Exercise is the best way to keep those receptors turned “on”.

The Harvard study evaluated 32,000 male participants from 1990-2008, and they discovered that 30 minutes of weight training five days a week can reduce a man’s chance of developing type II diabetes by 34%.  If you add aerobic exercise to the weight training, you reduce your risk by as much as 59%.

So carve out an extra 30 minutes a day and start pumping some iron.  Not only will it help reduce the risk of diabetes, but it will help your bones, joints, and muscles too.  If you want to combine weight training with cardiovascular training, I would recommend some form of interval training.  Good luck!

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville