Phases of Care

Chiropractic patients will go through three phases of care on their way to better health. Here are the phases of care:

Relief care is the first phase of care. : The goal of Relief Care is to reduce pain and inflammation as quickly as possible. This will require more frequent visits in the beginning of care. Once there has been a reduction in symptoms and inflammation, the patient will move into Corrective Care

During the Second phase, Corrective Care, the patient will focus on strengthening the spine. Muscles and ligaments that were originally damaged need to be strengthened to return to a pre-injury state. Note:  If the patient chooses not to continue care at this point, they increase the risk of a future relapse of the same injury.

Maintenance Care is the last phase of care. At this point in the treatment process, the patient has decided to maximize their health. Regular chiropractic adjustments, exercise, and a good diet, help with daily stresses of life and chiropractic adjustments can greatly improve your health and well being.

Our goal at Active Spine Chiropractic is to relieve your pain a quickly as possible and get your back to feeling the best you can possibly be!

Dr Spencer Charlet
Mooresville Chiropractor