Earlier this week we discussed 6 ways Chiropractic Care and help prevent back pain and back painthe need for surgery. Today we are sharing the other 6 ways studies have shown that Chiropractic Care can help.

7. Chiropractic Best Option for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Studies have shown that their is a 72% success rate for chiropractic patients. This is great especially since sacroiliac joint can cause severe back pain and sciatica. 

8. Chiropractic Best Option for Sports-Related Back Pain

There is nothing more common in athletics then back pain. It is a common sports injury, and studies have found that chiropractic was the best option for treatment.

9. Chiropractic is Safe

According to some several medical journals like Spine chiropractic is a safe choice for back pain patients.

10. Chiropractic Beneficial for Back Pain in Pregnancy

It’s a know fact that most pregnant women suffer from back pain. Medically pregnant women can not take most pain reliving medication without possible harm to the unborn child. Studies have shown over the last several years that chiropractic is a safe and effective way to relieve a woman’s back pain without putting the child at risk.

11. Chiropractic Helps Older Patients with Back Pain

Time definitely changes things. As we get older, our spine loses flexibility and we’re more likely to develop back pain. Chiropractic Care can address these pains and lack of flexibility and prevent injury.

12. Chiropractic Best for Teens with Back Pain

Back Pain exist in everyone including teenagers. This can be because of sports or other activities. Chiropractic Care can not only help teens but improve flexibility.

This series only share 12 of the numerous ways Chiropractic Care can prevent you form needing not only Surgery but many medications. The next time you are feeling back pain and get ready to seek medical attention call your local Chiropractor.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC