Tips for Marathon Runners

Tips for Marathon Runners

Are you planning on running your first marathon?  Do you want to know some tips to keep you healthy before and throughout the race?  Training for a marathon is not a simple task.  It requires time and dedication.  You will be required to run a lot of miles in preparation for the marathon, and yes, it will take a toll on your body.

In a recent release from the New York Road Runners, they included in the top 10 tips to prepare for a marathon was none other than – chiropractic care.

They advised runners to seek regular chiropractic treatments in lieu of an occasional event.  Regular chiropractic adjustments help keep you healthy throughout the training and doesn’t let minor aches and pains turn into serious injuries.

Other useful training tips include the regular use of massage therapy treatments, drinking enough water to keep the muscles hydrated, getting adequate amounts of rest, and always stretching after every run.  Good luck on your race!

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville

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