We are all guilty of it, “Holiday Indulging” Let’s face it, the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are the time of year families come together laugh, talk, and yes eat. We found some surprising details about appetizer’s that have huge impact on your waistline. g

Let’s see what your “eating into”:

Spinach Artichoke Dip with Chips
Yes, Spinach and artichokes dip! I know what your thinking and no it’s not the Spinach or the artichoke. Alone these foods are very healthy.  Now let’s look into what is combined with these healthy foods and I believe your understand. You have  cream cheese, sour cream, and sometimes even mayo added in order to complete the recipe.  With all these ingredients and of course the chips you eat the dip on, you will find your calories intake will range around 307 calories.

Pigs in a Blanket
Adult or child, who doesn’t love a good hot pig in a blanket! They are the perfect finger food for a snack The main problem with this appetizer is how many we eat. How many of us has ever just eaten one? Studies show the average person eats at least three along with a drink. This jumps the calorie range to fall between 150 and 350 calories.

Cream-Based Soups
Let’s see your got cream of chicken soup, creamy onion soup. chowders of all kinds, a the list goes on. These soups can pack a mean calorie count depending on the other ingredients. Take clam chowder for example, it can be up to 165 calories coupled with more then one bowl..well the calories add up.

Mixed Nuts
Before you panic let me clarify, yes nuts are good for you. Remember we are focusing on the calorie count. With that being said, just a handful of mixed nuts can add up to around 340 calories. This appetizer is also heavy and can cause you to become overloaded before you even get to dinner.

There is no Holiday i can think of that doesn’t involve chocolate.  It’s in every candy dish or sweet gift box. Chocolate also has some benefits and is a delicious treat with the right discipline. Try to get ONE of your favorite pieces of chocolate and then stop.

Ok, Ok we know that this blog just challenged you with some of your favorite holiday appetizers. Just remember we didn’t say No we just said beware.

“Less is always best”

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractic in Mooresville, NC