With a New Year comes several opportunities to make changes in our live. Many of these opportunities never see themselves into a reality so when January 1 of the next year newcomes, we are no better off than we were the year before.

On New Year’s we always make resolutions, and we are determined to make them come true in the 12 months allotted. Sometimes we make it; sometimes we don’t. However, I believe that it’s always worth trying.

You can make New Year’s resolutions that not only stick, but are realistic. Below we have shared 6 ways to make this year your best year yet.

Think About Last Year

Reflecting on any mistakes and mishaps of last year is a great place to start when making your new resolutions.

  • What could you have done better?
  • What do you want to see change?

We are not saying to be down on yourself. All we are suggesting is that you take a look at your weak points and see what you can do about them this year.

Write it Down

I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing gets done unless it’s written down. There’s something to the act of putting pen to paper (or finger to keypad). It takes it from being just an idea to being real. It’s not out in the universe until it’s down on paper.

There are a lot of ways to do this. You can use a planner or a calendar. You can type it out on your laptop or write it down on a piece of paper. Just make sure it’s written and in a place where you can see it and refer to it often. Trust me. You’ll need it.

Set Realistic Goals

Poor, poor January. We pin all our hopes and dreams on the first 31 days of the year. We cram a laundry list of goals into one month and try to make them all happen at breakneck speed. Inevitably, by February we are burnt out, and by the summer, our resolutions are long forgotten.

Let’s give January a break, shall we? If your goals are worth attaining, they will take time – much more than a mere month can offer. Plus the effort and energy it will take to accomplish those resolutions is too much to do all at once. Space them out. I’m often making resolutions that I can’t begin to work on until April or early June. So, give your New Year’s resolutions some breathing room. The month of January thanks you in advance.

Take Baby Steps

Break big goals down into smaller increments. For example, if you’re writing a novel, you don’t have to write it all in one month, if you wrote six pages every day, you’d have your book finished in a year. See what I mean? That is a feasible daily task that will accomplish a larger goal in time.

Ask for Help

I have found that anything you do can be done much easier if you don’t do it alone. Chances are, if your dreams are big like losing weight or running a marathon, you’ll need a little help from your friends. Reach out and ask for the support you need. It can be a bonding experience you’ll never forget.

Accept the Idea a Year May Not Be Enough

As the year draws to a close, take some time to reflect on the resolutions you made in January.

  • How did you do?
  • Did you work hard?
  • Did you make the deadlines or do you need another year?

Give yourself some grace. You’ve laid the ground work to achieving your dreams, and you can take the next year to perfect them. Learn from the previous year’s mistakes and grow. Every year is another chance to get it right!!!

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC