iStock_000002127179Small (2)Back pain is a cause of concern

Generally speaking, people experience their first attack of back pain in their 30s. Several reasons for back pain include incorrect sitting posture, obesity, lifestyle choices, or other injuries related to accidents. This article gives you an insight about back pain, the reasons for its occurrence, and what measures you can take to prevent it.

Your back is not a singular element

Your back consists of discs, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles. If any of the mentioned components do not function normally it would lead to back pain. Strains, herniated discs, and incorrect posture are the common reasons for back pain. Pain will increase due to excessive stress. In some conditions, the root cause of pain is far from the location of pain.  This is commonly known as referral pain.

A single therapy is not generally sufficient to get rid of back pain

Chiropractors generally apply many therapeutic processes for the treatment of back pain. Our chiropractors use a specific program customized to the individual, to alleviate back pain and rectify posture with alignment. Our chiropractors even suggest functional exercises to get the best results for patients. Trained chiropractors generally work with patients to attain normal function, motion, and balance without discomfort to the patient.

Chiropractors main aim is to restore proper alignment and function of the back

Some statistics show that manual therapy (i.e. chiropractic care, massage therapy, etc…) is far more effective, and successful, in healing back pain than drugs and surgical measures. The primary objective of the chiropractor is to restore normal function to the spine, and its componenets, after any injury or segmental dysfunction.

The number of sufferers from back pain is huge

According to some reports, almost 80% of people suffer from back pain at some point in their life. It could greatly impair you and stop you from functioning normally.  Some factors like stress, incorrect posture, a sedentary lifestyle, sustained positions, or obesity will make the situation worse.

If you have back pain consult a chiropractor today

Every human body is made in a way that if one body part is not able to function normally, other parts will try to maintain normal movement. This puts added stress on the uninjured joints.  Misalignments or herniated discs in the back, or any other body part, are capable of enforcing movement patterns which may make specific muscles work too much (or get strained) while other muscles remain inactive. If you are having a minor back pain, get treatment now before it immobilizes you and causes severe problems.