I felt that this topic was fitting for today’s date.  Happy St Patrick’s Day to all of you!  Although I don’t think there is too much benefit from beer, or alcohol for that matter, here is what some of the research has said:

  1. Glass of green beerLonger Life – in a review of literature in 2005, they noted that moderate consumers of alcohol lived longer lives than non-drinkers
  2. Lower Blood Pressure – a Harvard study of 70,000 women ages 25-40 who moderately drank beer had lower blood pressure
  3. Reduced Cancer – research has proven that beer has nearly the same level of anti-oxidants as wine as well as different types of anti-oxidants.  Although, more than one drink a day can increase your risk for cancer.
  4. Guards Against Stroke – Researchers from the Harvard school of Public Health noted that moderate consumption of alcohol helps prevent blood clots

I believe that most of the benefits from drinking beer come from the fact that it allows an individual to calm down and handle stress better.  Stress seems to be the number one killer in America today, especially with the state of our economy.  I would recommend finding other ways to decrease your stress, but have no fear, one glass of beer may have some benefits to your health.  Unfortunately if you have that second glass of beer, or wine for that matter, all of the benefits go out the window and your health will be adversely affected.

So don’t feel guilty about having one glass of green beer tonight in celebration of St Patrick’s Day, but try to limit it to only one.  And never drink and drive.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC