Crossfit versus HIIT

Crossfit versus HIIT

Ok, so there is a big craze going right now and it is called Crossfit.  But is this type of training new, or has it been around for centuries?

The Crossfit Games claim to be looking for the fittest on earth, and if you have watched this on ESPN you would see why.  But let’s dissect why these athletes are the fittest on Earth.

The people who get involved with Crossfit gyms are ready for intense workouts that push your limits.  This type of training is called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). 

What HIIT does for your body is to help you burn fat while sparing muscle tissue.  That is why these Crossfit athletes are in such good shape.  Plus, they are able to get a great workout in roughly 20 minutes.  The movements used are usually full body movements and have an element of cardio and strength.

So whether you are doing Crossfit, HIIT, or boot camp, the bottom line is to keep exercising.  Exercise is very beneficial to your health, that is why you need to find an exercise routine that you enjoy.  If you enjoy it, then you will wake up each morning looking forward to burning some calories.  Good luck and have fun!


Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC