Kinesio tape is a great supportive aid when treating musculoskeletal injuries. Originally used as a way to enhance athletic performance, this flexible tape is meant to provide support to joints and muscles.

Kinesio tape works by providing sensory input into an area, but still allowing for full range of motion. It stabilizes the injured area by lightly adhering to the skin and applying pressure to the tissues in that region. This taping technique microscopically lifts the skin which alleviates pain as well as improves lymphatic drainage. This lifting affect increases interstitial space and allows for decreased swelling and inflammation in the affected areas.

Kinesio tape works well in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy. Whereas the aforementioned modalities treat the injured areas, the tape helps support those treatment methods. For instance, chiropractic adjustments restore motion to affected joints. The tape can then be used around those injured joints to help support the joint, alleviate pain, and decrease inflammation. Sprains, strains, subluxations, and tendonitis usually benefit from using kinesio tape.

Common areas to use Kinesio tape:

  • Back.
  • Calves.
  • Elbows.
  • Hamstrings.
  • Knees.
  • Shins.
  • Shoulders.
  • Wrists.

Over the years there have been several YouTube videos and websites dedicated to teaching individuals how to correctly apply the tape. Although these are great resources, please be sure you are getting proper treatment for the injury. The videos can show you how and where to properly apply the tape, but the tape does not fix the injury. Use the tape as support in addition to proper care. You can purchase kinesio tape online, in most stores, and we even carry it in our office. Therefore, when it comes to muscle recovery and joint stability, the tape can be a very cost effective option.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Mooresville Chiropractor


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