Dr. Spencer Charlet

Spencer Charlet hails from the shores of Jacksonville, Florida. He is completely driven to keep learning, improving, and evolving as a chiropractor and person. He brings a positive attitude and passion for wellness day in day out.

University of Florida was his college of choice. Go Gators! He majored in Finance and taught high school algebra before going back to school to pursue his dreams of becoming a chiropractor.

Doc has studied anatomy, physiology, and the intricate details of the nervous system at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida. He graduated summa cum lade in 2006 before embarking on his chiropractic journey.

After graduating, he moved four states away with his wife and two babies in tow to start a practice from scratch. Yay for that finance background!


Keep on scrolling…you know you do.

  • He is an avid college sports fan (especially basketball)
  • Doc is a skilled airsoft player – pew pew pew
  • He used to be a personal trainer and has rolled that into his mad adjusting skills
  • He practices what he preaches, ask him about his diet
  • He’s got a travel bug – Doc loves seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. Hawaii is one of his favorite destinations, Aloha!