Glucosamine Needs Help

Glucosamine Needs Help

Most of us have taken glucosamine at some point in our life.  We were told it is the best supplement to help maintain cartilage and prevent arthritis.  Recent studies suggest that glucosamine, although it still may have some benefits, is not the end-all be-all when it comes to maintaining joint health.

The latest research, known as the GAIT trials, showed that glucosamine demonstrated a lack in benefit to relieving osteoarthritic patients.  In fact, the results even showed that glucosamine may have caused a breakdown in the cartilage instead of rebuilding it.

So if glucosamine doesn’t rebuild the cartilage, how does it help people?  The missing link is the presence of anti-inflammatory markers.  Glucosamine was proven to counteract catabolic actions by protecting against inflammatory cytokine (IL-1B) induced extracellular matrix breakdown as well as reducing the activity of cartilage degrading proteolytic enzymes such as aggrecanase and matrix metalloproteinase.  So they level of inflammation may effect the level of anabolic/catabolic activity in the body.

Glucosamine in addition to natural anti-inflammatories, such as ginger and turmeric, may have a combined benefit to the arthritic patient.  So if you are currently taking glucosamine, but have a highly inflammatory diet, then the glucosamine may not be benefitting you the way you would like.  Look into anti-inflammatory diets, and supplements, and you will notice a huge change in your osteoarthritis symptoms.  Good luck!

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville