Laughter is the best medicine to happy peopleThere is an old saying that states laughter is the best medicine. Laughter typically occurs when someone is happy. Therefore, happiness should also be the best medicine. Research is now proving this to be true. Happy individuals are living longer, having less sickness and disease, and reducing their cardiovascular risk.

Happiness puts us in a better mood, allowing us to want to do more. Happiness helps us go for a walk on a nice day, or venture off on a hike in the mountains, or enjoy a relaxing bike ride. Feelings of unhappiness steer us towards binge eating junk food or relying on alcohol to bring back the happiness.

I know we can’t be happy all the time. There will be times in life when we have feelings of sadness and grief. Its how your respond to these times that makes the most difference. If you are not able to overcome deep feelings of sadness or depression, please seek the assistance of a licensed therapist. They can help you with your feelings, which in turn could also make you healthier.

Benefits of being Happy:

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps fight stress
  • Protects your heart
  • Promotes an active lifestyle
  • May increase your life expectancy

True¬†happiness is found inside of ourselves instead of relying on external things and circumstances to make us happy. Happiness is a feeling deep within that should be shared with all of those around us. Haven’t you ever heard that a smile is contagious? Share your smile and infect the whole world with your happiness.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractic in Mooresville, NC