Mid to Upper Back Pain from Cycling

The Brawley Drafters

So I was out riding my Tri Bike the other day and making loops around the business park in Huntersville, when I noticed a twinge in my mid to upper back.  I was able to keep going for a little while longer, but the pain started to worsen.  So I decided to call it quits and head back to the house.

Let’s just say that the pain did not let up and bothered me every time I twisted my body or turned my neck.  After a few hours the pain became so severe that it hurt if I tried to breathe in deeply.

All I could do was bite down and try to survive the night.  That night in bed did not suit well for me as I couldn’t find a comfortable position.  The first thing I did that next day was make my way to my chiropractor to get adjusted.

What happened was this: as I was riding, the extension of my neck to view the road caused one of my vertbebrae to get “stuck” in the wrong position.  The joint restriction (or hypomobility) caused all of the nerves around the joint to become irritated.  This irritation lead to the tightening of my muscles and all of the uninvited pain.  I knew that after an adjustment, my spine would resume its proper biomechanics and the joint would move in its proper range of motion, thus decreasing the irritation and the pain.

If you have ever been out cycling and this pain creeps up on you, call my office right away.  We will get you scheduled and taken care as soon as possible.  Trust me, no one wants to live with that kind of pain.


Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC