Planting Flowers Improves Your HealthPlanting a garden full of flowers is a very healthy for you. Over the weekend, my wife spent almost an entire day digging and planting flowers in our front yard. Although we noticed some minor aches and pains as a result, the end result was amazing. Here’s why you should consider planting some flowers in the near future:

Benefits of planting flowers

Beauty improves your well-beingRealtors always mention the term curb appeal, and planting flowers can definitely improve curb appeal. Not only do house seekers want to see beauty in a potential home, but homeowners do too. Walking by your windows and seeing a beautiful garden helps instantly improve your well-being.

Enhances moods – Flowers are beautiful to look at, but their colors can effect our moods. Red flowers have a positive effect on your immune system and help bring about energy. Yellow flowers elicit happiness and positive feelings. Green leaves and plants will promote safety and tranquility.

Promotes relaxation and decreases anxiety – Gardening is seen as a favorite pastime or hobby for many individuals. This time outside with nature has a soothing effect on our moods and our nerves. Planting flowers or pruning your garden can help calm us down.

Improves the environment around us – Planting new flowers or seeds improves the soil quality around us. It will also improve the overall air quality. By absorbing the carbon dioxide in the area and producing more oxygen, we will be able to breathe easier and better.

Soil contains healthy bacteria – By getting our hands dirty we are exposed to myobacterium vaccae. This bacteria, much like probiotics, help improve our overall health. The effects of this bacterium have been know to mirror the effects of Prozac.

Five amazing benefits from planting flowers in your yard. You can make this an individual hobby, or ask the family to join in the fun. Everyone involved will improve their health and improve our environment for future generations. Go out there, get some dirt on your hands, and get healthy.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville