rain and barometric pressure increases joint swellingRain is beneficial in so many ways, but can it also be the source of pain for many of us? We all know someone who predicts rain a day or two before it comes. They usually say, “my knees are starting to hurt, it looks like we will be getting rain soon”. Is this a myth or factual?

Researchers have discovered that individuals may be more sensitive to barometric pressure changes than others. When a low pressure comes through, we have less pressure on the outside of our body. The pressure inside of our body then swells. This swelling can cause an increase in pain in the joints.

Although joint pain was noted as the pressure dropped, migraines were also significantly higher. Two days before and two days after a good rain triggered an increase in migraines upon participants of the study.

Other Factors Than Rain That Cause Pain

Individuals can lessen there chance of pain by reducing the inflammation in their system. Grains and animals fed grains are a high source of inflammation. Reducing your consumption of these and adding more omega-3 fatty acids will help with some of the pain.

If migraines are consistent with rain, then consider looking into a magnesium supplement. Those who took magnesium showed less frequent headaches.

Stretching and staying more active will also decrease the tension on your joints. Without as much tension on your joints, the changes in pressure will have less of an effect.

We can’t control when it will rain, but we can control what we do to our bodies. I recommend starting with a consisitent stretching routine everyday. If stress keeps your muscles tight then I also recommend taking time each day to sit quietly, relax, and breathe deeply.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Mooresville Chiropractor


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