Many of our patients ask us, “How long will it take to feel better”?  Although this question varies tremendously from patient to patient, at Active Spine Chiropractic we aim to get you out of pain As Soon As Possible!  We have experienced aches and pains just as you, and we understand how critical it is to help you feel better in the shortest amount of time we can.  In most cases we will need to see a patient more than once, but the exact amount of visits are determined after a thorough examination.  The important thing to remember is that the adjustment typically provides instant relief, but in the beginning part of care this may be short lived.  Chiropractic adjustments have a compiling affect.  This means with each subsequent visit the adjustment will work better and last longer.  It is important for you not to let the pain get too severe before making your appointment.  Typically, the longer the pain has been there, the longer it will take to go away.