The Power of Relationships


A recent study published in the journal Health Services Research discovered that the quality of the physician-patient relationship had the greatest impact on patient engagement and activation.  If the doctor understands and listens to the problems presented by the patient and the patient knows that the doctor listens and cares, then the patient will be [...]

The Power of Relationships2012-05-01T12:09:01-04:00

Lifestyle Factors are Part of Your Care


Chiropractic care is a very physical form of treatment.  It also requires some necessary adjustments on the side of the patient in order for it to work to its utmost potential.  "Patients who understand the link between lifestyle factors and their condition, and take an active role in improving their health are much [...]

Lifestyle Factors are Part of Your Care2012-04-28T10:57:44-04:00
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