BMI: Why it Falls Short as a Measure of Health


Body Mass Index (BMI) has long been used as a quick and easy way to assess an individual's health status. However, relying solely on BMI as a measure of health can be misleading and oversimplified. This article aims to shed light on the limitations of Body Mass Index and why it should not be considered [...]

BMI: Why it Falls Short as a Measure of Health2023-11-05T06:01:28-05:00

5 Benefits of Coconut Oil


Last month I talked to you guys about tracking your calories.  I also mentioned that is was a good idea to eat more fat in your diet.  That is why I am writing a quick blog about coconut oil.  This may be the best "fat" that you could have.  I will highlight some of the [...]

5 Benefits of Coconut Oil2016-02-21T22:12:51-05:00
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