Fight Stress – Take a Vacation or Play a Game


Stress plagues all of us.  We can have physical, mental, and emotional stress.  In either of these cases, a little stress will help our body grow, but too much will tear us down. Too much stress causes an increase in the release of cortisol which can lead to problems in your body. When you stress [...]

Fight Stress – Take a Vacation or Play a Game2023-05-20T06:40:23-04:00

Endurance Helps Headaches


Well, I finally did it.  I decided to improve my cardiovascular endurance.  I have been weightlifting, crossfitting (can't crossfit be used as a verb?), playing sports, and lifting heavy for the past several years, but I have greatly neglected my cardio. So, I set out this weekend to go for a short run.  I am [...]

Endurance Helps Headaches2015-10-19T18:05:18-04:00
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