Fight Stress – Take a Vacation or Play a Game


Stress plagues all of us.  There are multiple forms of stress.  We can have physical stress, mental stress, and emotional stress.  In either of these cases, a little stress will help our body grow, but too much will tear us down. Too much stress causes an increase in the release of cortisol which can lead [...]

Fight Stress – Take a Vacation or Play a Game2016-08-07T11:59:08-04:00

Endurance Helps Headaches


Well, I finally did it.  I decided to improve my cardiovascular endurance.  I have been weightlifting, crossfitting (can't crossfit be used as a verb?), playing sports, and lifting heavy for the past several years, but I have greatly neglected my cardio. So, I set out this weekend to go for a short run.  I am [...]

Endurance Helps Headaches2015-10-19T18:05:18-04:00
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