AMRAP Start Back Workout


If you are anything like me you have periods of time when life and/or business gets in the way of your workout schedule.  I usually exercise first thing in the morning, but for the past two weeks I have been too tired to wake up and workout. After the first week of no exercise I [...]

AMRAP Start Back Workout2016-10-08T13:57:55-04:00

Myths About Gaining Muscle


I was reading a post online the other day from about muscle myths debunked.  I enjoyed the information, so I wanted to share it with you.  Here are four myths about working out and gaining muscle that are false: 1. Muscle Confusion Builds Muscle - this method of training confuses your muscles so they can't [...]

Myths About Gaining Muscle2013-03-21T17:20:39-04:00

When is the best time to stretch?


When is the best time to stretch?  I get asked this question a lot from my patients.  Although the answer may vary slightly from patient to patient, the best answer is: Stretch whenever you can. In reality our nation does not stretch nearly enough.  A lot of chronic back issues can be greatly improved [...]

When is the best time to stretch?2012-05-07T16:16:43-04:00
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