turkeyOur blood is set to a pH level of 7.35-7.45.  In order for our body to function properly, we need to keep our blood pH at these levels.  Our diet is what will determine the pH level of our blood.  All foods are broken down into an acid or a base.  If your diet is highly acidic, then you are giving diseases an opportunity to thrive in your system.  If your body is more alkalinic, then you have a better chance at fighting diseases and will have a healthier immune system.  Here is a breakdown of Thanksgiving foods and their acidic profile.  The higher the number, the more acidic it is.

Turkey = 9.9

Stuffing, rolls, bread = 3.7-6.0

Peas = 1.2

Broccoli = -1.2

Mashed Potatoes = -3.0

Green Beans = -3.2 (this is just beans, not the casserole, but nice try)

Carrots = -4.9

Spinach = -14

Make sure to eat your vegetables and go easy on the breads and meats.  And when it comes to dessert…well, you’re on your own.  Good Luck!