Tips for the Warrior Dash

Tips for the Warrior Dash

If you plan on running this weekend in Huntersville at the Warrior Dash, then here are a few tips that you might want to follow:

Don’t Wear Your Best Clothes – chances are they will be ripped, torn, stretched, and of course – extremely muddy

Forget about the shoes – you have two options, either wear an old pair of shoes that may get lost in the mud (or thrown away after the event), or try to run it bare.  Your choice, but remember it is a trail and chances are something could cut your bare feet

Bring Q-tips – yes, mud will be everywhere, including your ears.  Don’t swab real hard as it will only push the mud further, but q-tips may help with your ears and possibly your nose

Yes, it is Real fire – get ready to jump, and I mean jump.  You do not want to move through this obstacle slowly and carefully, you want to jump as fast and as high as you can

Hope this helps, good luck and have fun.  Remember, by participating you are helping to raise money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital so have fun and know that part of the money is going to a good cause.


Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC

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