USA Mens Volleyball 2012 Olympics London

USA Mens Volleyball 2012 Olympics London

I was watching the 2012 Olympics last week and I saw the coolest thing.  No, it was not that Michael Phelps became the all-time medal winner in Olympic history (although that is quite amazing).  And it wasn’t the the other gold medal winning efforts performed by the American swimmers and gymnasts.  It was the what the USA Men’s volleyball team did, off the court.

Last week after their victory, I heard the coach tell the players to go cooldown.  Next thing you know the entire team was off the court stretching and winding down after their win.  How cool is that?

My patients ask me all the time, “when is the best time to stretch?” or “how often should I stretch?”  I always tell them that the best time to stretch is immediately after your workout, game, or event.  At this time your muscles are warm and pliable.  A good 30 second stretch per muscle after activity allows the muscle to lengthen better.

A lot of my patients tell me that they do not have enough time to stretch after a workout and that they are always pressed for time.  I tell them to cut their workout short and make time to stretch.  It is very important in the realm of injury prevention to make sure your muscles are adequately stretched.  And now I can say, “Just watch the USA Mens Volleyball team, they did it in the 2012 Olympics”.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractor in Mooresville, NC