stArthritis is an everyday part of many people’s lives. So this week we thought we would impart the benefits of stretching and having a flexible body. Here are some other ways stretching can help your daily life.

Stretching has a calming effect: Being zen is not only for yogis. Savasana can be achieved for all who stretch. As the muscles contract and lengthen the physical body relaxes, which then translates to a more relaxed and calm emotional state. If you’ve done any type of vinyasa yoga you’ll know what I mean, when I say stretching re-energizes and relaxes.

Prepares the body for the pain ahead: Stretching allows the body to warm-up as it encourages the flow of blood to all the muscles. The muscles then enjoy an oxygen supply and the nutrients needed to keep them going throughout a work day.

Reduces the risk of injury: Just like vitamins are seen as preventative medicine for health by decreasing the likelihood of illness, stretching can be thought of as preventative medicine for the body by ensuring it stays mobile, flexible and best of all injury free. A flexible body means that your long muscles are not as susceptible to tearing so you have plenty of room to move if you’re attempting a heavy lift.

Stretching gives you that flexy feeling: One of the by-products of stretching is quite obviously improved flexibility. With an increased range of motion you might find yourself capable of moving into positions otherwise deemed dangerous, not just in the box!

In many fitness arena’s stretching is often overlooked with so many of us eager to get on with the tough stuff.  However, I think it’s important to remember that being flexible presents many benefits to the human body that are not just exercised in the gym.

Do you have any stretching exercises you would like to share? Have you ever used stretching to relieve pain?