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Active Spine Logo on signActive Spine Chiropractic in Mooresville assures the best medical care to the patients who suffer due to various types of ailments like neck pain, back pain, accident injury, etc. These Chiropractors are experts in providing tailored treatment to each patient after identifying his or her actual needs. These Chiropractors in Mooresville have years of experience in treating patients with several types of ailments. For treating neck pain, back pain, auto injuries and sports injuries, these chiropractors have their own approach and they never stick on to the traditional methods. They avoid invasive surgical procedures as well as painkillers. Instead of superfluous treatment, these chiropractors get to the root cause of the pain and cure the same by following suitable and safe methods.

Permanent relief from pain

Active Spine Chiropractic in Mooresville has the expertise to permanently cure pain. The chiropractors here assure long lasting relief to the patients who suffer due to severe pain by way of providing a conservative approach to the problems of the musculoskeletal system. They consider the injury of each person as unique and treat the same accordingly so that the pain needs of each patient are fulfilled and as a result he or she gets permanent relief. In order to ensure the most effective treatment to the patients, these chiropractors in Mooresville adopt the most effective techniques such as Flexion/Distraction, Motion Palpation, Activator, Cox, Gonstead and other similar techniques. The techniques that they use for treating the patients are gentle and these techniques help to correct effectively all types of misalignments. Another unique feature of the treatment method followed by these chiropractors in Mooresville is that the misalignments are corrected making use of the body weight of the patient thereby making the treatment the most effective and comfortable to the patient.

Treating accident victims

Active Spine Chiropractic in Mooresville is known for their expertise to provide the safest, most effective and most comfortable treatment to victims of auto accidents, work place accidents and sports injury. When medication provides only temporary relief to back injuries which may lead to chronic back ache and sciatica, the techniques used by these chiropractors ensures complete restoration of the spine alignment. As a result the sciatic nerve is relieved of the pressure thereby providing complete and permanent relief to the patient.

Ensuring overall wellness

Active Spine Chiropractic in Mooresville is committed to ensure overall wellness of their patients. Apart from the actual chiropractic therapy, they provide other services also to the patients for their well-being. The host of wellness services provided by them includes massage therapy, spinal screening, advice regarding nutrition and physical exercises, lifestyle counseling, etc. Instead of helping the patients only to get relief from their pain due to injury, these chiropractors help them to achieve 100% physical fitness by way of making all the systems in the body function together properly and in harmony.


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