This exercise is very simple and a good place to start your exercise routine. It will help you being your exercises by relaxing first.ExerciseMotivation

  1. Lie down on your back with your arms comfortably at your side, with your feet and legs far enough apart that they are relaxed
  2. As you breathe in slowly, raise your right arm above your head so that your bicep is next to your ear. reach back until you feel the muscles in your arm stretching. At the same time, stretch your right leg by pulling it downward, in the opposite direction to your arm. Stretch from your heel, not your toes; imagine you have a cord coming from your right heel that is pulling your leg as if to lengthen it. you should feel stretching all along the ride side of the body, and a sense of traction on the right side of the back. inhale as you slowly and gently stretch. When you begin to exhale, bring your arm back to your side and let the leg relax.
  3. Repeat with the left arm and leg. remember to breathe slowly and stretch gently. In most of the exercises, if you focus on moving unhurriedly, with precision, an in unison with proper breathing, you will avoid overstretching and puling the muscles.
  4. Next, bring the right arm over your head while lengthening the left leg by stretching from the left heel. This is a crisscross stretch. You should feel traction along the spine, stretching the mid-and lower-back areas.
  5. Next, stretch the left arm up while pulling down with the right heel.
  6. Finally, stretch both arms above your head while stretching and lengthening both legs. Perform this stretch one to three times.

Dr Spencer Charlet

Chiropractor in Mooresville