Rain – Can It Cause You More Pain?

Rain is beneficial in so many ways, but can it also be the source of pain for many of us? We all know someone who predicts rain a day or two before it comes. They usually say, “my knees are starting to hurt, it looks like we will be getting rain soon”. Is this a myth...

Daylight Saving Time – Is it Necessary?

Daylight Saving Time was created to save on energy consumption. Like most of the research out there, we will find some studies showing that Daylight Saving helped, whereas other studies showing it didn’t. Which studies are we to believe? I have read on the internet that the...

Overeating Has Impact on Individual and on Our Planet

Overeating can lead to health problems such as: metabolic syndrome, heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. Most of us are aware of these health risks as we sit down for our meals. Unfortunately, we may not have been aware of the overall risk for...

Hardwired for Happiness – How’s Your Neural Network?

I love to read about our brain and the hardwired network of nerves that course through our bodies. I usually have several books checked out from the library at once. This allows me to have several books about the same subject matter while also being able to cross-reference...

Sun Exposure – How Do You Protect Your Skin?

When we go on vacation, we usually try to stay somewhere with a kitchen or kitchenette. On the first day we arrive, we will head to the grocery store and buy snacks, water, and breakfast foods. This is usually when I find myself also purchasing green tea and V8. Not the most...