7 reasons cinnamon is healthy for youI love cinnamon!! In fact, as I sit down to write this article I am enjoying a dash of this amazing spice in my bold cup of black coffee. I was reading an article by Dr Mercola the other day that discussed the health benefits of cinnamon. Since I have some on a daily basis, I wanted to share the benefits with you. For the full article by Dr Mercola read here.

7 Reasons To Eat Cinnamon

  1. Calms Inflammation – I work with patients daily to help them alleviate pain and improve function. Cinnamon is another way to help reduce these aches and pains by calming the inflammation.
  2. Boosts Brain Function – The scent of cinnamon helps improve brain function. That is why adding a dash to your morning coffee is a perfect way to start your day.
  3. Helps Weight Loss – Cinnamon is great at helping regulate insulin sensitivity, although exercise is far more potent and essential in maintaining insulin sensitivity.
  4. Soothes Sore Throats and Coughs – It was used in Eastern medicine to help diseases in the the throat and lungs. They would soak the sticks in water, then drink the water to soothe their throat.
  5. Helps Fight Cancer – Cinnamon displays properties in its oils that have a positive effect in the fight against certain types of cancers.
  6. Helps ADHD Symptoms – Cinnamon has beneficial anti-oxidant properties that can improve brain function. It can also be used as a means of aromatherapy to help with ADHD symptoms and calm anxiety.
  7. Diabetes Support – This spice helps regulate insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels.

There you have it, 7 great reasons to find a way to add this delicious spice to your diet. I use it in my coffee, cereal, and in my dessert. Take a look at the foods you eat on a regular basis and see if you can spice up your regular diet. I hope you found this article informative.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Mooresville Chiropractor