movement and activity leads to happinessMovement and physical activity can lead to happiness. Researchers have examined numerous studies and have determined a positive relationship between activity level and happiness.

One of the studies showed a 1.4 and 1.5 increase in happiness among youth. The former increase coming from normal weight individuals and the latter from overweight individuals. College students who participated in physical activity had 1.3 times the odds of being happy when compared to their peers who didn’t participate. Another study showed that ovarian cancer survivors who exercised at least 150 minutes per week showed improved happiness levels.

Our joints were designed to move. Inability to move our joints can have detrimental effects on our physical bodies. Only two weeks of joint immobility can cause irreversible effects. A closer look at these studies shows that our happiness and mood can be effected by immobility too. It is important to keep moving for joint and mental health.

The studies have shown that a minimum of 150 minutes a week of movement or physical activity will have a positive impact on happiness. Those that had physical activity between 150-300 minutes per week were equally happy when compared to those that exercised for more than 300 minutes per week. Therefore, staying between the 150-300 minutes per week will optimize your happiness levels.

I know it can be challenging to find time in our busy schedules to exercise or have have some form of physical activity, but your happiness may depend upon it. We are all very busy, much busier than ever before. Our phones keep us informed on everything that is happening and we try to fill our time as much as possible. This added stress can lead to anxiety. Movement can help you relax, decrease stress, and improve your happiness. Make sure to schedule some movement or physical activity into your weekly routine. Good luck and get moving!

Dr Spencer Charlet
Chiropractic in Mooresville, NC

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