Supercharge your brain in the new year with these three simple tips. New Years resolutions are roughly 9% successful. This year, forget the new years resolution and just make sure to do these three things. It is that simple. These are merely suggestions to help supercharge your brain. There is no set formula and nothing to buy. Simply take these recommendations and add them into your daily life to see a powerful change in your brain.

Reduce Your Brain-Draining Media

Average Americans spend 11 hours a day on a screen and listening to the radio. This is not a direct attack on social media, I will save that post for another day, hahahaha. This includes all forms of screens and the media content your brain is trying to digest. Most media outlets are biased. In addition to being biased, most media outlets focus on the negative. This constant bombardment of influence triggers a stress response in your brain. Consequently, this stress response may increase your risk of mood disorders. In addition to mood disorders, the constant stress responses may damage the health and function of your brain.

Nurture Healthy Relationships, but Get Good Sleep

Hanging out with friends and family is very important, and its good for the brain. Maintaining close friendships, especially late in life, will dramatically reduce your risk of dementia. On the other hand, loneliness is correlated to a 40% increase in dementia. Although hanging out with friends helps your brain, don’t stay out too late, because you still need your sleep. Poor sleep can lead to everything from dementia to worse decision-making. Improving your quality of sleep will also improve your brain. Tips to improve your sleep are: reducing artificial light hours before bed and cease caffeine consumption early afternoon.

Challenge Your Brain Daily

Challenging your brain can be as simple as entertaining or exploring different ideas and opinions. Another example of challenging your brain is learning a new language or instrument. Don’t forget about your daily word puzzle, this is great for your brain. These challenges help create new neural connections in your brain. This is very similar to adding new pathways to help improve cognitive function and slows cognitive decline.

Good luck in the new year and I hope you supercharge your brain all year long.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Mooresville Chiropractor


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