The philosophy of chiropractic describes Innate Intelligence as being infinite and perfect. If this vast wisdom lies within us, however, why do we have sickness and disease? This is because when Innate Intelligence is expressed as life, it is subjected to something called the Limitations of matter. Form creates limits. When energy and intelligence are codified into the form called life, they are subject to certain universal laws.

In the human body, we see this in the natural process of wear and tear. Pour cells seem to have limits built into them; they can replicate only a certain number of times before they start to decay, disorganize, and eventually disintegrate. Human beings also can accelerate the effects entropy through life style choices, such as eating poorly, overindulging in alcohol, drinking too little water, or not exercising; through accident or trauma; or through excessive wear and tear caused by overuse of certain parts of the body. All of these this can impede the flow of Innate Intelligence through our bodies and cause us to experience what B.J Palmer called “dis-ease.” These forces also result in aging. If life and health result from Innate Intelligence expressing itself fully within a living being, then when anything interferes with the expression of Innate Intelligence, that being becomes ill at ease with itself, also known as “dis-ease” Chiropractic philosophy would say that dis-ease always precedes disease.

Let’s look at how this works…

Two people go to a Thanksgiving dinner and eat at a place they have visited several times before. When they woke the next morning they both have a fever, are sick to their stomachs, and have diarrhea. Now when they called the traditional doctor and described their symptoms they were told that it sounded like the flu and to ease their stomach symptoms they needed to get some stomach medicine to help reduce their symptoms.  The medicine did reduce their symptoms, however their symptoms persisted and worsened over the next few days. It was later discovered that they were suffering from food poisoning and the medicine they kept taking was preventing their bodies from getting rid of the toxins and was actually keeping them sick.

What really happen…?

First, the diagnosis was incorrect, which is partly the doctors fault and partly the patients fault. Giving or expecting a diagnosis over the phone is, in most cases a bad consumer choice and a poor medical decision. Second and more important, the recommended remedy was incorrect because it treated the symptoms and not the cause of the illness.

It’s hard to believe that over the counter medicine can be problematic, but it’s true. When a healthy body ingests tainted food, the normal, healthy response is to try to “ward off” the poison. This is how Innate Intelligence operates: If posion comes in, it tries to eliminate it as quickly and efficiently as possible. If we chemically block this process, the body’s intelligent response has been blocked. Instead of being eliminated the poisons continue to build up and endanger the body’s health to an even greater degree.

Most of us don’t like symptoms. In fact, we’ve been taught that most symptoms are unhealthy and should be eliminated immediately. The multibillion-dollar over-the-counter drug industry is based on this perception. We have been taught that for every symptom there is a drug, potion, or lotion to treat it. We have to learn that symptoms are different from disease. For the most part, symptoms are the means by which the body responds intelligently to a problem. Although not pleasant, diarrhea and vomiting are the body’s healthy response to food poisoning. Fever is also a normal reaction to infection, the body increases its temperature to kill off bacteria and viruses. Pain is one symptom that we all dislike, yet it has many important physiological functions. Nature didn’t develop our ability to feel pain because it was unnecessary.

imagesHaving symptoms doesn’t mean we are unhealthy. A healthy person can get colds or the flu and have the symptoms associated with these illnesses. but this does not mean that she is unhealthy. A healthy person can sprain an ankle and have symptoms associated with that injury. Symptoms are part of the body’s natural adaptation to illness or injury. They are the means that nature has developed to heal itself.

Adaptation is one of the most important expressions of Innate Intelligence. We adapt to the changing environments that are playing on our bodies at any time. For example, when we are exposed to high temperatures, our body sweats to cool itself down. But when there is interference with Innate Intelligence, it becomes harder for the body to adapt, and the symptoms and dis-ease are often the result. Germs or bacteria are a great example of this. Bacteria live on us and in us in the trillions, and yet we coexist very happily with these microscopic organisms for the most part. In fact, in the case of some intestinal flora, we benefit from their presence in our bodies. But when the expression of Innate Intelligence is impeded or interfered with, then the balance between our bodies and the bacteria begins to change. All of a sudden, the germs multiply beyond our body’s ability to fend them off.

The same process happens when it comes to more serious diseases. For instance, medical research has shown that damaged, potentially cancerous cells are being formed in the body all the time. Usually, however, the body’s immune system fulfills its natural function by seeking out and killing these cells before they can proliferate, However, if the body’s natural balance (and the flow of Innate Intelligence) had been compromised, then the immune system is less likely to do its job, and the damaged (cancerous) cells can reproduce with impunity. It is in our best interests to make sure we maintain as high a level of health as we possibly can, and that health can be best supported by making sure our bodies are functioning at peak efficiency.

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Dr Spencer Charlet

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