Myths About Gaining Muscle


I was reading a post online the other day from about muscle myths debunked.  I enjoyed the information, so I wanted to share it with you.  Here are four myths about working out and gaining muscle that are false: 1. Muscle Confusion Builds Muscle - this method of training confuses your muscles so they can't [...]

Myths About Gaining Muscle2013-03-21T17:20:39-04:00

Crossfit versus HIIT


Ok, so there is a big craze going right now and it is called Crossfit.  But is this type of training new, or has it been around for centuries? The Crossfit Games claim to be looking for the fittest on earth, and if you have watched this on ESPN you would see why.  [...]

Crossfit versus HIIT2012-06-13T13:23:34-04:00
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