How Cell Phones Affect Your Child’s Health


Cell Phones, Radiation & Your Child’s Health Children are growing up in a sea of radio-frequency radiation that has never existed in human history. In America today, about twenty million children under the age of fourteen have cellphones. Increasingly, scientists and policy makers in tech-savvy nations like Israel and Finland are concerned that the ways these devices are [...]

How Cell Phones Affect Your Child’s Health2014-01-29T14:09:51-05:00

Why Some Kids Don’t Get Sick


Why Some Kids Don't Get Sick Haven't you noticed that there are always a few kids in your child's class that seem to never miss a  day of school.  When it comes time to hand out perfect attendance certificates, they are always on the list.  Well, researchers have discovered that there are certain [...]

Why Some Kids Don’t Get Sick2012-07-21T21:55:43-04:00
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