Mental and Emotional Stress: 3 Steps to Taking Control of Stress


 When we think of mental and emotional stress we often think  of all the things that cause it, like jobs, school, kids,  relationships, etc. What if we told you that your mental and  emotional stress are based on your perception of events in  your life rather than the events themselves? The truth is we  see [...]

Mental and Emotional Stress: 3 Steps to Taking Control of Stress2015-02-09T15:12:22-05:00

Female Foot Problems


Female Foot Problems When is comes to shoe fashion, men and women are very different.  But did you also know that men and women have different foot shapes?  Let me show you the differences between men and women's feet as well as some potential problems that female patients may encounter. Females typically have [...]

Female Foot Problems2012-09-26T14:03:43-04:00

Massage Supports Chiropractic Care


Massage Supports Chiropractic Care Several studies from the American Massage Therapy Association have demonstrated the effectiveness of massage therapy in treating back pain, neck pain, and headaches, especially when utilized with chiropractic care. The studies show that massage therapy enhances the effects of chiropractic care by relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow [...]

Massage Supports Chiropractic Care2012-09-16T15:18:45-04:00
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