Does Justin Bieber Need a Chiropractor?


Does Justin Bieber Need a Chiropractor? I'm not sure if Justin Bieber gets adjusted on a regular basis, but I know that a lot of musicians who play guitar need regular chiropractic adjustments. I started playing the guitar a few years ago.  Although I do not play very often, I find it very [...]

Does Justin Bieber Need a Chiropractor?2012-07-02T02:32:38-04:00

We Treat Sports Injuries


Do you have a favorite college football team?  How about a favorite college basketball team?  Are there sports teams that you cheer for all the time? I graduated from the University of Florida, so yes, I am a Gator fan.  I enjoy watching the Florida Gators play all sports.  Now, as a chiropractor, I am [...]

We Treat Sports Injuries2012-06-28T22:40:55-04:00

Auto Accident Patients


    We treat a lot of auto accident patients in our office.  Through not fault of their own, these patients have their lives sometimes changed forever.  We do our best job to ensure that their physical status remains relatively unharmed. I have seen on numerous occasions where a patient comes to the [...]

Auto Accident Patients2012-06-16T16:15:05-04:00
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