The Dirty Dozen


The Dirty Dozen No, I am not talking about the 1967 movie starring Donald Southerland, Lee Marvin, and Charles Bronson.  I am talking about the report put out each year by "Environmental Working Group" that lists which fruits and vegetables are most contaminated with pesticides.  The group analyzes the Department of Agriculture data [...]

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Should You Eat Organic Fruits and Vegetables?


Should You Eat Organic Fruits and Vegetables? There has been a lot of debate over the recent years about organic foods.  So the question arises: Should You Eat Organic Fruits and Vegetables? The American Academy of Pediatricians just recently announced that "parents who want to reduce their child's pesticide exposure may seek out organic [...]

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Nutrition is Your Best Weapon


The Minnesota Chiropractic Association met last month and came up with healthy eating habits for everyone to adopt.  These simple changes to your nutrition will help make your body a great defense mechanism against sickness and pain. Eat more raw foods - many of the enzymes and micronutrients embedded in our whole foods are destroyed [...]

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