5 Ways to Increase Brain Inflammation


  Brain inflammation is a complex process that occurs when the brain's immune cells become activated. While inflammation is a natural response to injury or infection, chronic inflammation can have detrimental effects on cognitive function. In this blog post, we will explore five surprising factors that can contribute to brain inflammation. Poor Diet and Gut [...]

5 Ways to Increase Brain Inflammation2023-08-20T06:20:58-04:00

Getting Through the Night


Getting enough sleep each night is vital for your health. Good quality sleep improves your brain performance, mood, and health. Not getting enough quality sleep regularly raises the risk of many diseases and disorders. These range from heart disease and stroke to obesity and dementia. Unfortunately, nearly 25% of Americans suffer from some form of [...]

Getting Through the Night2023-04-23T11:23:37-04:00

Gut-Brain Connection is Vital for Cognitive Health


The Gut-Brain Connection The gut-brain connection consists of bidirectional communication between the central and the enteric nervous system. This links the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain with peripheral intestinal functions. In other words, our guts can have a big impact on our brain. Here are a few ways for you to enhance the [...]

Gut-Brain Connection is Vital for Cognitive Health2022-12-04T10:51:28-05:00

How Late Can You Eat Dinner and Still Sleep Well?


Do you make dinner reservations in time for the early bird specials, or are you more of a late night snacker? Either way works as long as you are wrapping up dinner about three hours before bed time. Eating three hours before you turn in for the night will ensure your best chance at a [...]

How Late Can You Eat Dinner and Still Sleep Well?2022-07-28T10:49:51-04:00

Should You Exercise or Sleep When You are Tired


The alarm goes off, the snooze goes on. You are just not quite ready to get out of bed. Maybe you have not been sleeping well lately, or maybe you are just too tired. Either way, the exercise class you are scheduled to attend looks like it may have one less participant. When faced with [...]

Should You Exercise or Sleep When You are Tired2022-09-11T10:16:49-04:00
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