It seems to me that over the course of the 20th century most Americans lost control over their own health. Sure, there have been enormous advances in conventional medicine and technology, and in circumstances such a traumatic accident, heart attack, or other such diseases there is nothing like a top-flight emergency room. But the conventional medical establishment appears to be focused on curing disease rather than gaining health. Billions of dollars and hundreds of millions of man hours are spent creating more drugs and finding better surgical techniques and tools. Don’t get me wrong, curing disease is a noble goal but in the process, it seems the idea of maintaining health has been left by the wayside.

I believe that’s one of the reasons for the upsurge in interest in what’s called alternative medicine. People don’t just want to be cured when they’re sick they want to feel healthy on a regular basis. Like Winifred, many individuals have tried conventional medicine and been dissatisfied with the results. They have taken medication and suffered from the side effects. They have undergone the pain and trauma of surgery and tedium of recovery and rehabilitation that follows. They are seeking an alternative way of achieving and maintaining health, one that uses the body’s own forces to heal.

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More and more, people realize that the lifestyle choices they make daily; what to eat , whether to exercise, which supplements to take, how they handle stress, even the thought they think and the beliefs they hold all are the real keys to health. They’re ready to take charge of their own physical well-being and they’re looking for healthcare providers who will help them in doing so. If you are one of those people, you are not alone. In 1997 the number of visits to alternative medical providers in the United States outnumbered visit to conventional medical doctors for the first time. Every single year since then, the trend has continued to favor alternative medicine. And of all alternative medical treatments, chiropractic is the most popular. It has been and will continue to be the forefront of this new wave of health. I believe this is due not only to the efficiency of chiropractic treatments but also the truth and power of chiropractic philosophy.

The chiropractic way is based upon the recognition that health is our natural state, and our main job is simply to eliminate anything that gets in the way of the natural expression of the life force within us. The chiropractic was acknowledges our link to the intelligence and energy that prevailed the universe, which formed the first stars and is present in each and every cell. The chiropractic way respects the role of both patient and provider in creating health and wellbeing. Healthcare providers can assist us, but they cannot do it for us. And finally, the chiropractic way shows us that health is actually a simple and attainable goal once we follow a few basic, common sense guidelines.

The great philosopher John Locke wrote, “A sound mind in a sound body, is a short but full description of a happy state in this world. He that has these two has little more to wish for and he that wants either of them will be little the better for anything else. The chiropractic we can help you obtain and maintain that happy stay with you which is, indeed, the greatest wealth we have.

Dr Spencer Charlet

Chiropractor in Mooresville