digital x-rayWe now offer digital x-rays!!  Long gone are the days where we process your films to see the images.  With a push of a button we will be able to have your digital x-rays on a computer screen in seconds.  The image quality will far exceed the traditional method, allowing us to further explain conditions and clearly explain in precise detail exactly what is happening with your skeletal system.

Let me paint a picture as to how exciting this is.  Do you remember years ago when we had to actually load film into the back of a camera before taking pictures?

I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii 13 years ago, and my wife and I stopped into the Dole Plantation for a tour of the facility and grounds.  They had the most amazing garden as part of the tour and the colors were incredible.  Unfortunately, digital cameras were not as common in those times, and we still had the traditional camera where you had to load film.  Anyway, something happened when we got home and processed the pictures from our honeymoon.  All of the pictures from the beautiful garden with the magnificent colors were all taken on black and white film.  Yes, I loaded the wrong film into the camera.  It was sad that we didn’t capture that moment on film, but the images will be forever burned in our minds.

As we move to digital x-rays, we will no longer have to wait to see if the films turned out correctly.  The images will appear instantly, and if there is a problem, we can correct it right away.  Here are the advantages to having a digital x-ray unit:

Better Images – This is the most important benefit to having digital x-rays.  The images will be crystal clear and the software on the computer will allow us to lighten or darken the image for better clarity.

Instant Results – We decided to get the top of the line DR imaging.  This system puts images directly to the computer screen.  Other digital versions (CR) still require a transfer from the cassette to the computer which adds more time.

Better Co-Treatment of Care – With digital x-rays we will be able to better communicate with your other doctors in order to ensure they see the same image quality we do.

Digital Discussions – After we take the x-rays we will be able to go directly to the treatment room and bring up your digital x-rays on our treatment room computers.  From there we can discuss your condition in better detail.

I hope you are as excited as we are about these new digital x-rays.  We have grown so much over the past years and we owe it all to you.  We truly feel that we have the best patients in the world.  This is just one way we will continue to give back to you in order to constantly improve our patient care to the best of our ability.  We hope to continue to have the office grow over the years and having digital x-rays was the next step in doing so.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Mooresville Chiropractor