knee degenerationI have had several patients over the years who presented to the office with a complaint of low back pain.  Through the course of treatment the patient mentions that their knee has also been bothering them.  Once the connection is made, we are able to treat the knee and help the back.

Unfortunately, there are several people out there with knee pain from osteoarthritis and/or degeneration.  Degeneration is where the cushioning of the knee slightly decreases causing pain, inflammation, and stiffness.  Sometimes this is caused by repetitive stress injuries, lack of flexibility in the muscles surrounding the knee, excessive athletics without proper stretching, muscle imbalances between the hamstring and quadricep muscles, and last but not least, excessive weight.

Unfortunately obesity is a major problem in America today.  Whether this is due to poor diets, lack of dietary education, lack of exercise, or possibly a socio-econoimc issue, I am not sure.  I do know this: research has recently surfaced that shows excessive weight can increase the amount of degeneration in your knees.

Researchers performed a study that showed how patients who lost 10% of their current weight drastically reduced the amount of degeneration in their knee over a 4 year time period.  Maintaining the same weight or only losing 5-10% did not show much improvement.  See the full article here.

I have had patient’s in the past with knee pain and/or degeneration who noticed a substantial improvement in knee function and a lessening of pain when they experienced a significant weight loss.  The weight loss also improved back pain symptoms.

If there is a way I can be of any assistance in helping you lose the weight or rid you from the knee and back pain, feel free to call my office to schedule an appointment.  I wish you the best over this holiday season.

Dr Spencer Charlet
Mooresville Chiropractor